What is the Hotel Employee Rate Program?

The Hotel Employee Rate Program is the world’s universal hotel employee travel program offering hoteliers in the Program exclusive hotel employee rates globally, similarly offered by major hotel brands. Indeed, hotels everywhere can now participate in the Program and offer their teams the benefit of exclusive hotel employee rates at an expanding network consisting of thousands of independent and branded hotels and resorts worldwide.

What are Hotel Employee Rates?

Hotel Employee Rates are highly discounted industry rates offered by hotel companies exclusively to their hotel employees. Hotel Employee Rates may be fixed rates as determined by the hotel’s classification and destination, or dynamic rates discounted at a minimum of 40% from published rates. Click here for more information on Hotel Employee Rates.

Why should we join the Hotel Employee Rate Program?

Hotel companies show their appreciation to their teams by offering them the fundamental perk of Hotel Employee Rate travel. Consequently, hotels in the program experience improved team member loyalty, improved recruitment, and a reduction in overall turnover. Hotels also receive commission-free incremental room revenues over low demand periods. Hotel companies can complement their own existing travel programs by joining the Hotel Employee Rate Program while receiving incremental revenues from our members.

How does the Program work?

To participate, hotels contribute their inventory at hotel employee rates over low demand dates. Hotels can then add their employees to the Program. Employees book their Hotel Employee Rate travel with their login credentials at book.hotelemployeerate.com.

Is this an OTA?

No, Hotel Employee Rate is a private password-protected booking platform reserved only for the hoteliers and their friends and family enrolled in the Program, as determined by the Hotel Administrators in the Program.

How is the Program controlled?

The Program is controlled by the Hotel Administrators in the Program. Hotel Administrators determine and are responsible for the eligible employees they onboard into the Program via the platform’s extranet. For added control, the receiving hotel, in addition to receiving the booking details of the employee’s reservation, also receives the employee’s place of employment and the corresponding hotel administrator’s contact information. Reservations for the friends & family traveling in the Program also display the employee referral information. Only the eligible hotel employees enrolled by the Hotels’ Administrators may travel in the Program (employees are unable to change their own names). Thus, only hotel approved employees in the Program (and their friends and family) may travel within the Program. Additional authorization forms are therefore not required.

How does the Friends & Family Program work?

Eligible employees in the Program may add up to 10 of their friends and family to the Program by clicking on the Add Friends & Family button from the booking account page. Once added, credentials are sent to the friend or family with booking and policy instructions. When traveling, the friends and family’s booking details include the referral employee and its place of employment. Should the employee be terminated from the Program, all attached friends and family are also removed from the Program. Friends and family are not able to add their own friends and family nor can they change their own name.

How do you Revenue Manage the Program?

Hotels offer their Hotel Employee Rates over their low demand periods. To facilitate this, the Program allows for up to 150 stop sale days per year to close out inventory. Hotels can revenue manage its available inventory directly through its PMS or RMS via a myriad of connections the Program has with hotels. With a direct connection, bookings are received directly into the hotel’s PMS at the time of booking. In the absence of a direct connection, inventory can be controlled from the Program’s extranet with bookings being received in the hotel’s inbox. Click here to learn more.

Do you need a hotel company email address to participate?

No, all eligible hotel employees as determined by the Hotel Administrator may join, irregardless of having a hotel email address, ensuring all hotel employees have the ability to join.

What about rate-integrity | rate-parity?

Hotel Employee Rate was founded by seasoned hotel executives of major hotel brands. We understand the rate integrity and rate parity needs of our hotel partners, and guarantee (with 100% certainty) rates offered in the Program are password protected, opaque, and never redistributed to 3rd parties.

Do you safeguard the personal data offered by hotel employees?

Absolutely! Hotel Employee Rate is committed to maintaining its members’ privacy in strict compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We require the minimal personal information necessary from our members for their access to the Program including the employee’s name and email address to send login credentials to. Hotel Employee Rate does not share its members’ personal information to or with other parties, nor sell its mailing lists to third parties. For more information, please click here for our Privacy Policy.

What about boutique hotels?

Boutique hotels of less than 100 guest rooms may qualify for the Boutique Hotel Program with up to 180 stop sale days per year and “on request” reservation functionality.