Program Overview

Private & Secure

All rates offered on the Hotel Employee Rate platform are 100% password protected, unpublished and opaque, ensuring the rate-parity and rate-integrity of our hotel partners.

For Hoteliers

The Hotel Employee Rate travel program is offered to hoteliers enrolled in the program by participating member hotels only.

Members Only

Only registered employees and their registered friends and family are authorized and locked for travel in the program. Name changes are not possible.

Hotel Employee Rates

Hotel employees enrolled in the program receive fixed or variable highly-discounted hotel employee rates from our member hotels all around the world. Hotel employee rates range dependent upon the hotel’s classification and destination, and are available from an expanding collection of properties all around the world. Read More

Friends & Family Rates

Friends & Family Rates are available to all hotel employees and their friends and family. Friends and Family rates are discounted up to 50% below published rates and offered by thousands of hotels and resorts all over the world on our platform.

The Hotel Controls

Eligible employees are determined by the hotel. The hotel is responsible for the administration of all eligible employees in the Hotel Employee Rate travel program.

Terminated Employees

The hotel is responsible for the removal of all terminated employees from the Hotel Employee Rate travel program. Once terminated, the employee’s friends and family enrolled in the program are also automatically removed. Audits are provided to the hotel to assist with this process.


Payment terms differ from hotel to hotel. A non-refundable booking and handling fee to Hotel Employee Rate is collected at the time of booking. Payment for bookings from our Preferred Partner Hotels are collected at the time of booking.


Cancellation terms differ from hotel to hotel. The Member is responsible for the payment of any cancellation or no-show fee fairly administered by the host hotel. Failure to pay may escalate to the removal of the Member from the Program. Hotel Employee Rate will not transmit the Member’s credit card information for a guarantee at the time of booking.

Friends & Family

Each Hotel Employee may add up to ten friends and family members into the HER Program to receive employee and preferred rates. The Hotel Employee has access to and is responsible for administering their own Friends & Family Members on the HER portal. Friends and Family Members of eligible employees may receive the same rates and travel benefits as the Hotel Employee at participating hotels.


The Hotel Employee Rate travel program allows for unlimited travel for all Members for leisure travel only. Members are to receive the same warm welcome and services customarily offered to all hotel guests.