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List your hotel in the Hotel Employee Rate Program for free. Gain incremental leisure revenues over the hotel’s low demand periods. Have peace of mind knowing rates offered are protected and never redistributed.




Gain incremental leisure room revenues over the hotel’s low demand periods from our international member base. Offer preferred HER Rates for greater bookings.

This is a secure booking channel. Have peace of mind knowing rates offered in the Program are 100% password-protected and never redistributed, ensuring the hotel’s rate-integrity and rate-parity.

The Program can connect to over 90 hotel channel management systems for automated reservation fulfillment and ease of use revenue management from the hotel’s PMS.

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Thank you for contributing to the well-being of hoteliers everywhere.

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To register your hotel, please complete the webform below. To list your hotel in the Hotel Employee Rate Program, you agree to offer at least one room at the Program’s designated Hotel Employee Rates for a minimum of 180 days out of the year. The hotel may offer more rooms or room types at anytime. The hotel may then also partake in offering Friends & Family rates discounted 20%-40% from the hotel’s unrestricted best available rates. Once completed, we will draft and agreement for your review. Once the contract is created and signed, you will be able to control the hotel’s rates and availability from our extranet or via the hotel’s channel manager. You will also be able to update the hotel’s content and photos.

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