Show Your Care | Enhance Vacation Benefits for Your Team

Image: Show Your Care | Enhance Vacation Benefits for Your Team

It is being called the Great Resignation. In spite of growing wages, hotel workers worldwide have been quitting their jobs at an alarming rate. The quit rate of hotel workers have been more than double national averages in some areas of the world. Even worse and perhaps more dangerous, employees are “quiet quitting,” becoming disengaged with their company and the general tasks assigned. Hotel companies are forced to consider cross training to keep up with the increasing shortage of labor, “Hotel Management Companies Enhance Employee Training, Retention Efforts.” Improving wages alone is not enough.

Earlier this year, released a revealing article on how hotel companies can offset this astounding trend, “What Operators Can Do to Mitigate ‘Quit Rate’ Acceleration.” Among these actions, “enhancing vacation benefits” has concretely shown to mitigate quit rate acceleration in the hospitality sector. Furthermore, according to a recent article, “The Great Resignation and the Hospitality Industry” posted by Hospitalitynet, “establishing a work/life balance” is “one of the top three concerns” employees have expressed when quitting. Thus, one of the great actions hotel operators can take is to “show a renewed focus on employee wellbeing and personal goals.”

The big branded hotel companies like Hilton and Marriott get it. They understand the value of respecting team member downtime and vacations by offering their hotel employees very generous discounts at their branded hotels. For example, Hilton hotel employees can travel to their branded hotels at hotel employee rates starting as low as $40 per night. In a matter of fact, Hilton recently announced that even spouses and partners of employees can now receive this hotel employee rate travel benefit (Go Team Member Rate Article). With programs such as these, hoteliers can now enjoy the same great travel options offered to the guests they serve at affordable rates, arguably one of the greatest perks hoteliers in the industry receive. Indeed, hoteliers all over the world have come to expect this from their hotel companies.

With the Hotel Employee Rate Travel Program, independent and branded hotels everywhere can now demonstrate their care by offering exclusive hotel employee rate travel benefits starting at $39/night to their teams, similarly offered by major brand hotel companies. To learn more, please visit