Warm Welcome Arctic Club Hotel, Seattle WA USA

Image: Warm Welcome Arctic Club Hotel, Seattle WA USA

We are thrilled to welcome the beautiful four-star Arctic Club Hotel, Seattle Washington and their team to the Hotel Employee Rate Program. An extension of the Oxford Collection, the Arctic Club Hotel is now offering hoteliers all over the world exclusive hotel employee rates at this historic landmark Seattle hotel.

A perfect blend of historic architecture, thoughtful details, and modern luxuries, the iconic Arctic Club Hotel offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of downtown Seattle. Built in 1916, the historic 10-story, 120 room landmark has been beautifully restored with a nod to a heritage rooted in exploration and adventure and a past richly associated with the Klondike Gold Rush. Known for its exquisite architecture, featuring terra cotta walrus head sculptures adorning the exterior and the famous Northern Lights Dome Room with its majestic stained-glass ceiling, the Arctic Club Hotel has been a history-maker from the get-go.

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