how it works

To join the Program, Hotels contribute its rooms inventory to the Program at Hotel Employee Rates. Hotel Administrators can then onboard all of their eligible hotel employees. Once onboarded, eligible hotel employees receive their credentials to book their exclusive rates online on our website.


Contribute to the Program


Revenue Manage the Program


Onboard Hotel Employees

——— Contribute Rooms to the Program ———

Contribute Rooms to the Program

To participate, hotels contribute a minimal amount of its rooms at Hotel Employee Rates in the Program. Hotels are encouraged to add multiple room types for greater booking potential.

Room Inventory Contribution

<100 Rooms1801 or “On Request”
100-1991501 Room

——— Hotel Employee Rates ———

Hotels can offer their rooms inventory at either Standard Hotel Employee Rates or Flex Hotel Employee Rates to the Program.

Standard Hotel Employee Rates

Flex Hotel Employee Rates

ClassificationAmericasRest of the World
3-Star$39-$69€50 – €80
4-Star$49-$99€80 – €120
5-Star$99-$249€120 – €200
ClassificationAmericasRest of the World
3-StarBAR – 40%BAR – 40%
4-StarBAR – 45%BAR – 40%
5-StarBAR – 50%BAR – 50%

——— Revenue Manage the Program ———

Apply Stop Sales

With direct connectivity, hotels can apply stop sales over high demand periods from their PMS. Alternatively, hotels may apply stop sales from our extranet. The Program directly connects to the hotel’s PMS through over 80 hotel channel management systems. Click below for more information on our direct connections:

Boutique Hotel Collection

Hotels with less than 100 guest rooms can offer their inventory “On Request.” With “On Request,”hotels can either accept or reject reservation requests at the time of booking.

——— Onboard Hotel Employees ———

Sign-Up Flyers

Hotel Administrators can print QR Code Flyers and display them at the hotel. Employees scan the QRCode with their devices and complete the Sign-Up Form. Hotel Administrators receive notifications to either accept or reject the Employee’s enrollment.

Extranet Enrollment

The Hotel Administrator can onboard eligible employees through our Extranet. Login credentials are then sent to the Employee’s email address (hotel email or personal email).

Excel Spreadsheet Enrollment

Hotels can submit a secure link spreadsheet of their eligible employees to the Company for a one time onboarding.

Direct Connect

Our booking platform directly connects to numerous hotel channel management systems. When a connection is created, reservations sent from Hotel Employee Rate arrives directly into the hotel’s property management system at the agreed upon hotel employee rate.

In addition, a direct connection allows the Revenue Management Team to yield manage hotel employee rates through the hotel’s PMS, ensuring bookings sent to the hotel is done so over the hotel’s low demand periods as intended.

Below is a list of channel management systems we connect to. If your system is not showing, please contact us at for possible integration.

  • s1hotelsolution
  • 5Stelle
  • A Perfect Stay
  • Apaleo
  • Asiatech Inc
  • AvailPro
  • Axis Rooms
  • Book & Link
  • Booking Button
  • BookingExpert
  • BookingJini
  • BookLogic
  • Channex
  • CloudBeds
  • Condly
  • Conectatec
  • Cubilis
  • D-Edge
  • DerbySoft
  • Dingus
  • DIRS21
  • Djubo
  • E Globe Solutions
  • Easy Front Desk
  • Elekraweb
  • eRevMax
  • ErmesHotels
  • EZ Yield
  • eZee
  • Fast Booking
  • Fasttrack
  • GswebLab
  • Guest.Guru
  • GuestCentric
  • Host Hotel System
  • Hotel Link
  • Hotel One Place
  • Hotel Spider
  • HotelAvailabilities
  • Hotelgest
  • Hoteliers
  • HotelPartner
  • HotelPoint
  • HotelRunner
  • Hotelsminder
  • Hotetec
  • HTI (eRes)
  • Maximojo
  • Mews
  • miniHotel
  • NextPax
  • Octorate
  • Omnibees – Tech demand
  • Online Hotel Experts
  • Opera Cloud by Oracle
  • Optima by Silverbyte
  • Origo / Booking Factory
  • Passepartout
  • Paxer
  • Planet Winner
  • Prestige Software
  • Profitroom
  • RateGain
  • RateTiger
  • Rentals United
  • Resalys
  • ResAvenue World Fz
  • ResBook / Tomashawk
  • Reseliva
  • Rez Exchange
  • RMS Cloud
  • Room Racoon
  • RoomCloud
  • roomMaster
  • Shiji
  • SiteMinder (EMEA/APAC)
  • SmartHotel
  • Stayflexi
  • StayNTouch
  • Synxis
  • Todo Alojamento
  • TravelClick / Amadeus
  • Tripmakerz Channel Manager
  • Vertical Booking
  • Windsurfer
  • WuBook
  • YieldPlanet
  • Your.Rentals